1. The Good Shepherd (12/22/2006) history of CIA. Matt Damon, Mrs. Pitt.
2. Casino Royale (11/17/2006) no description needed!!!
3. Babel (11/10/2006) married couple who experience a tragedy while on vacation sets chains of events off. Brad Pitt
4. Death of a President (10/27/2006) fictional assassination of President Bush and what would ensue in its aftermath. (better or worse..i wonder)
5. Conversations with Other Women (08/11/2006) divorced couple who run into each other at a wedding many years late. (run and hide!)
6. Fast Food Nation (11/17/2006) should read book first
7. Bobby (11/22/2006) assassination of Robert Kennedy.
8. Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (11/24/2006) what happens to a group of Turks who encountered American soldiers in Northern Iraq.

9. Running With Scissors (now playing). Pre-read optional.

10. Stranger Than Fiction (11/10/2006) man finds out his life is written by an author, a woman with a Brit accent and better vocabulary.