Hmmm so KFC attempts to make their fried chicken better which means other fast food chains will follow suit. This article reminds me of how good ole McD’s started the health trend back in 2003. And all those folks coming in wonder what healthy choice item they should enjoy. Healthy choices doesn’t mean that eating at a fast food joint is the way to go! I think its far from it.
Unless you’re one of the few people who can eat some greens, handful of carrots and cherry tomatoes without any salad dressing its more then likely that you’ve added to your daily sodium intake. Mcd’s does have some lowfat salad dressings available but even those are high in sodium. An interesting fact eating one quarter pounder has the same total fat content as if you used a whole package of the creamy caesar dressing. Honestly, if you’re going to a fast food chain you shouldn’t expect the food to be all that healthy. ITS FAST FOOD! its not a place where you’re going to be getting quality ingredients.For $7.00 you’ld be better off going go the farmers market and making your own freaking salad. It would save us the time explaining the concept of a salad to you, save you time complaining abt how over price it is as well as, the little amount of salad you’re actually getting.