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Koala Bear Joke :
A koala bear was approached by a prostitute. Since he had never been with one before, he was curious and excited. They spent the night together in a hotel, and he went down on her one last time before departing.

As he was heading for the door, the prostitute yelled, “Hey! What about my money?” The koala turned, gave her a puzzled look, and shrugged his shoulders. She said, “Come here,” and pulled a dictionary out of her purse. She pointed to the word “prostitute” and its definition: “has sex and gets paid”

Finally understanding, the koala borrowed her dictionary, turned to the word “koala”, and showed her: “eats bush and leaves”


Gingersnaps, pistachio-spice cookies, madelines (lemon/honey/earl grey), cardamom palmiers, shortbread, cream scones (not my flaky ones), lemon curd, banana bread.

Baby Panda Cam This will amuse me for hours, once they actually come online.

Friend seriously, phone is going down the shitter day by day. Its either get new charger or battery or just buy a phone? Technically, I could just switch back to the old sony ericsson. But me, being me wants a new purdy toy to play with….! Even though getting a new charger is probably the cheapest option at this point of time based on the lack of a job! How I miss those days with the tyrannt. Hell, I should start the Help me buy a new phone fund!

My list:

1. Sony Ericsson K790
2. M600i

booooo friend i give up! add more to list sooon…..

Returning to Sephora:

1) Prada’s The Devil Wears Prada Tendre Set: Why? B/c the miniatures are smaller than I had expected. The Prada Intense it too intense and even though I love amber scents, this one made everyone around me go into a sneezing and wheezing fit. The original is nice and I might consider buying a full bottle, but there are more appealing amber scents out there (like Hermes Ambre Narguile). The newest addition to the Prada family is the Tendre scent, which I find is too distant from the other 2. Grouchy said I smelled like her grandpa. Nice, but that’s not who I’d like to remind you of. Besides, it’s too generic and synthetic.

2) Fresh’s Cannabis Santal: Grouchy calls it the “fuk me” scent. I don’t know what’s she’s been doing and where (j/k!!) but it does smell masculine and a bit sweaty at times. Like it, but is making me nauseous these days. I’m beginning to find that I like amber a lot, but patchouli is iffy (Cannabis Santal, Prada and Angel has it). If I really can’t take it I’ll just get a decant or a sample, not full bottle worthy. Oh how I wish it worked on me!

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Beautybar  has new brand and stuff for Christmas. To consider for wishlist:

  • Kevyn Aucoin : They just got this ULTRA exclusive line just 2 days ago. The whole works… brushes, blushes, sensual skin enhancers, airbrush foundations etc.
  • Paul and Joe : also available at Sephora.
  • Tocca : They have the newest 3 perfumes! Stella, Touch and Florence. Experience it for yourself. $90cdn.
  • Scott Barnes : The new sets have arrived! Glamourous and Stunning. $80cdn.
  • Brands they have: Too Faced, Fresh, Sundari, Mor, Dessert, Comptoir Sud Pacific, Voluspa, Nickel (men’s), Alan Cumming, Aroma M, Three Custom Color, Cargo, Diane Brill Lip Lingerie, Lollia (best hand cremes), Belli (for pregnant moms and babies), Sweetspot (for ‘down there’) and more. 2142 W. 4th Ave  Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC  V6K 1N6

Beautymark is the only one in Canada (or just Vancouver) that carries Mario Badescu, Ojon, Paula Dorf, Breath Palette. Sales people are snobby though and getting worse. Beautybar has awesome staff and greet you like they know you (though they probably don’t). 1120 Hamilton Street #103 Vancouver, BC V6B 2S2

Kiss and Makeup in West Vancouver has the most gorgeous cashmere Swarovski shawls by $280cdn at least. Also carries Stephanie Johnson like of cosmetic travel bags, Bond No. 9 (exclusive!), Sue Devitt, Yu-Be Japanese hand miracle, Malin + Goetz. Unit H2-925 Main Street, The Village at Park Royal, West Vancouver B.C. V7T 2Z3

All in all, I’m still loyal to beautybar. It was product overload!

The Singaporean and Peranakan in me has been craving good local food. So I’ve started up a list of the foods I’ld want to eat if given a chance to back and eat my way through the island. The list will continue to grow till that time.

1.Buah Keluak-its almost stew like, rich and thick black broth with chicken or short ribs and nuts from Kepayang tree. Diehard Peranakan dish! buah keluak
2. Char kuay teow I’ll settle for the Singapore version. Though personally, the Penang Char Keow Teow (chinese version) is tastier and can’t be compared.
char keow teow

3. Murtabak-friend its like prata but inside its filled with either mutton, beef or chicken then crack a couple eggs fry it up and eat. Murtabak

4. Putu piring-made by the malay lady, its small and round with a filling of coconut and gula melaka. Perfect for tea time or breakfast. Putu Piring getting steamed Putu Piring
5. Ice Kachang

6. Roti Prata-I swear by the one at Upper Thompson road as a late night snack and of course, for breaky with some orange sugar. Prata-Upper Thompson Road

7. Beef Hor Fun and Tau Huay from Geylang side by side its a perfect combo. Noodles first then some dessert!
8. Ipoh Hor Fun and/or Kuay Teow soup kuay teow soup

Why did frosty the snow man drop his pants? Cause he heard the snow blower was comeing!