The Singaporean and Peranakan in me has been craving good local food. So I’ve started up a list of the foods I’ld want to eat if given a chance to back and eat my way through the island. The list will continue to grow till that time.

1.Buah Keluak-its almost stew like, rich and thick black broth with chicken or short ribs and nuts from Kepayang tree. Diehard Peranakan dish! buah keluak
2. Char kuay teow I’ll settle for the Singapore version. Though personally, the Penang Char Keow Teow (chinese version) is tastier and can’t be compared.
char keow teow

3. Murtabak-friend its like prata but inside its filled with either mutton, beef or chicken then crack a couple eggs fry it up and eat. Murtabak

4. Putu piring-made by the malay lady, its small and round with a filling of coconut and gula melaka. Perfect for tea time or breakfast. Putu Piring getting steamed Putu Piring
5. Ice Kachang

6. Roti Prata-I swear by the one at Upper Thompson road as a late night snack and of course, for breaky with some orange sugar. Prata-Upper Thompson Road

7. Beef Hor Fun and Tau Huay from Geylang side by side its a perfect combo. Noodles first then some dessert!
8. Ipoh Hor Fun and/or Kuay Teow soup kuay teow soup