PISCES: The moon passes through Pisces from January 21 to 23 heightening your emotions and sensitivity greatly. A surprise or two may come along on January 21. You may be surprised with your reactions regarding emotional affronts or other scenarios that test your humility and patience. Love could be in the air and you may be feeling highly creative. Take advantage of the times and certainly follow your heart.

sidenote: Jan 21-23 =  restless sleep with lots of dreams, night sweats, and left cheek/eye twitching uncontrollably.

LEO: It must be somewhat profound to be a Leo right now. Saturn continues to visit until early September bringing and etching powerful and profound realities into your consciousness. A make-or-break energy is onboard and you may decide to end particular relationships or they may end anyway. You might also decide to solidify a relationship, such as getting married. Either could be the case. Take your time in all that you do as you may not be seeing the picture clearly these days. January 19 to 25 are important days in which many changes may occur. Play your cards close to the chest and let things stand the test of time.