LEO: January 25 and 26 may be tricky days and possibly your heart will play tricks on you. Life intensifies as dramatic scenarios play themselves out. Take your time and avoid knee jerk reactions. It is most likely that the events unfolding these days will be etched into your memory for the rest of your life. Fate plays a big role. Life events offer opportunities to get your life on track and in line with the way that you want it to be

PISCES: Love is on the horizon; actually it may be on your doorstep. Certainly February will be a most unusual time in which creativity is heightened along with popularity and some hilarity. All in all you can expect a whirlwind month in which all kinds of unique and bizarre events come to pass. I can just see that imagination getting revved up as you read these words. Pull out all the stops and enjoy whatever the universe brings your way in the next several weeks.