ARIES: When she likes you, she is mean. It’s a test. TAURUS: She’ll be even prettier, making an effort to dress, make-up and perfume herself for you. GEMINI: She’ll talk to you — a lot. Chatter away. Don’t try and make sense of it, just listen. CANCER: She’ll compete with you. Show strength, and don’t let her win. LEO: She’ll say and do outrageous things to shock and impress you. VIRGO: She’ll give advice, try to help you — or control you! LIBRA: She’ll be friendly and put herself in the position of “accidentally” running into you. SCORPIO: She’ll flirt — subtly, with a level of sophistication that blows your mind. SAGITTARIUS: She’ll try to see you outside of school, meet you at the mall or the movies. CAPRICORN: She’ll want to go to prom with you and start scrolling your name on her school folders. AQUARIUS: She’ll become your best buddy. PISCES: She’ll stare at you, waiting for you to approach.