For Friday:

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). If you feel your love isn’t reciprocated, take heart. Love is never lost. It’ll always return to you from somewhere — maybe not from the direction you’d like it to come, but it’ll return to you from somewhere.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You’re transformed by the people you meet — you can’t help but be. You’re like chemical compounds coming together to create something wildly different from what you are on your own.

For weekend:

WEEKEND LOVE FORECAST: Venus and Uranus line up to throw some cayenne spice into the romantic realm of life. Passionate emotions make this weekend hot-hot-hot. ARIES: Your deepest connection is also your oldest one. TAURUS: When you’re near a certain person, you get a funny feeling. Is it love? Admiration? Don’t worry about naming it just yet. GEMINI: You’re getting to know a new side of a loved one. An interesting conversation tonight is only the start. CANCER: Where there’s music, there should be dancing. You go first. LEO: You can be such a flirt! It seems you’re rewarded for just batting your eyes. VIRGO: Agreeing to a request puts you in good standing with loved ones. LIBRA: You pick up the slack when others blow it. You’ll eventually be rewarded for this. SCORPIO: A partner has an almost parental influence over you. SAGITTARIUS: You feel responsible for someone who is not technically your responsibility — that’s compassion. CAPRICORN: Others state what you’re thinking because you’re so easy to read. AQUARIUS: You communicate brilliantly, striking the heart of an issue. PISCES: Your social-self is inspired. You may even throw an impromptu party.