The position and condition of the slower moving planets sets the tenor of the times. The year long Saturn Neptune opposition finally moves on at the end of August. Saturn represents the stark cold truth of a situation, the hard facts laid bare. Neptune on the other hand has a way of distorting our sense of reality. The combination can represent an insidious state of affairs. Just who is running the show anyway? Plots and plans, winks and nods, and all kinds of backroom deals take place. There is a leaky side to Neptune and secrets run the risk of being exposed. The remedy is to be clean and let your works be seen.

We live in a world of duality and just like fire, every planet and planetary aspect carries both positive and negative potential. Fire is a great servant but a bad master. It warms our homes and cooks our food but once out of control can burn the place down. The negative qualities of deception, corruption, misdirection and abuse of power will be experienced with the Saturn Neptune opposition. On the positive side of the coin, the combination helps us to understand that there is way more to life than just our daily routines, concerns and struggles. Saturn is a parental figure helping us to understand what we must do in order to attain a wholesome and harmonious living condition. I associate Saturn with pristine nature, nature in its purist form. Saturn demands that we live in accordance with the basic rules of nature. If we live within the confines of Saturn (nature) we experience a rhythmic peace in which health and balance is attained. When we buck the laws of Saturn (nature) we experience disease and discord. For the souls that have planets or sensitive points in their horoscopes aligned with this Saturn Neptune phenomenon, you most likely will experience multiple realities, truths, half truths and everything in between. This (is a time when we all )will be a time in which you get a bit bored with material acquisition and a bigr ovement develops in which you seek enlightenment and relief from your karmic burdens. That’s the whole point folks. It is time to come to terms with our real life’s purpose and strike a balance between the material and spiritual worlds.

Jupiter and Saturn continue to hold their tight triangular formation throughout May which will help humanity all the way around. Jupiter and Saturn dovetail their forces creating powerful alliances and allegiances that will help to balance the negative energies. Jupiter and Uranus are in square aspect indicating great unrest and the potential for massive protests. A dynamic T square configuration is shaping up in skies with the sun and Mercury in Taurus, Saturn in Leo, and Neptune in Aquarius from May 4 to 10. This indicates a time in which we will have to roll our sleeves up and lean into whatever must be done in order to keep order. Mercury squaring off with Saturn and Neptune could prove difficult. Scenarios in which miscommunications, delays and gridlocks could take place and should be anticipated. Life intensifies on all levels from May 5 to 7. Scenes of intense anger and jealousy play themselves out. The classic lover’s quarrel takes place, tears are shed, and regrettable comments that should not have been expressed come flying out in a shocking way. The sun connects harmoniously with Uranus while Mercury cooperates with Mars on May 8. This planetary combination will bring ample opportunities to get ourselves together and back on track. All in all it is a lively and somewhat intense time out there in which we have an opportunity to reassess our values and get our compass pointing in the right direction.

PISCES: A certain excitement runs through your veins as Mars and Uranus continue their journey through your sign. Jupiter has squared off with Uranus indicating a time in which there may be more questions than answers regarding what life is really all about. Uranus passing over your Pisces planets can give you the sensation that you have been shot out of a cannon and you hit the net years later. That sensation of traveling at a rapid pace through space fits the bill. You may be wound up about the condition and welfare of people and should be proactive in your efforts to help others be it through the educational, medical or legal systems. Embrace life for all that it is worth. Uranus and the other planetary deities will bring you to where you are supposed to be. Surrender and acquiesce and allow the universe to do its work and it will. Use caution while driving and handling machinery. Incidents and accidents could come up so stay to the side of caution and take it easy.

LEO: Read the intro regarding the Saturn Neptune opposition as it ties into your sign. Saturn has been transiting through Leo since July 17, 2005 and enters Virgo on September 2, 2007. Saturn passing through the sign of the sun is not much fun. They are not buddies at all. The sun is bright, vibrant, in your face boisterous, and happy as the day is long. Saturn is the stern task master, hard to get to know, a bit cold, and doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. Waiting for Saturn to leave is comparable to having a stuffy, somewhat distant relative visiting that you can’t get rid of. This is a week with particular tasks and duties and possible concern regarding legalities and paperwork etc as the sun and Mercury come into square with Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. Measure twice, cut once. Read the fine print and get the opinion of others before you leap. The best is yet to come as many new realities are revealing themselves these days. Do the inner work and the rest will fall into place. As my Guru says, “do your best and leave the rest”.