(above is how to make milk tea in Chinese)


There are a lot of stories about how to make this silky-smooth favourite cup from this buzzing oriental city. We don’t pretend to be the experts, but we can tell you this: absolutely elementary ingredients for this tea is English Breakfast and evaporated milk.

Make 2 cups
1 tbsp English Breakfast
1 tbsp Assam Black tea
1 tbsp Irish Breakfast
1 tsp Pu-erh
1 tsp Lychee black tea
2x 1/3 cup of evaporate milk
2x 1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
2 teapots

Steep all tea leaves in 400ml boiling water for 5 minutes.

Strain and pour the tea from one teapot to another from about a forearm’s height to aerate the tea (this can be quite messy – best do it in the kitchen sink).

Pour it back and forth between the two teapots for 3-4 times. Little bubbles will form in the tea as you aerate the tea.

Get two cups, pour in each cup 1/3 evaporated milk and 1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk. Then add in brewed tea. Ready to enjoy.

Sweetened with sweetened condensed milk or sugar if desired.

Want it:
More fragrant: add 1 tbsp Ceylon Classic OP
More “caramelly” or Redder brew: add 1 extra Assam black tea
The Brew darker with a stronger overall taste: use more irish breakfast or more broken leaf tea leaves