Mac Stars: May 1-7, 2008

PISCES: Your curiosity may get the best of you now. Your social calendar fills up and there are places to go and things to do. People come into your life that may prove to be valuable long term friends. The moon is in Pisces on May 1, just as a grand triangle bestows its blessings in myriad forms to many people. Challenging or worrying news comes on May 2 and 3, and passes by in a few days. It is your time to work at perfecting your lifestyle.

Expect a surprise or two on May 1, or you may be surprised at what you do. You could be feeling impulsive, creative, and restless. Follow your instincts, as they won’t lead you astray. Spiritual energy is high, and you may be inspired to create something beautiful.

LEO: The top of your solar chart is strongly illuminated by the new moon energy taking place on May 5. It tells of a time in which career objectives are realized, or of a time in which you may make significant changes in your professional status. Mars is heading your way and he will enter Leo on May 9, certainly livening up the place. Get ready for some high adventure. Soon you will make a bold move that may surprise many people.

Take a look at career opportunities as your solar tenth house, which is related to work, lights up on May 5. Life heats up in all kinds of ways as fiery Mars visits Leo from May 9 to July 1. Excitement and challenges come your way—just the way you like it.