So I learned the hard way that you never have cold liquids with hot cheese fondue. Then the cold hits the hot, the cheese gets hard and clumps up in your stomach. Taken from a co-worker who went to school in Switzerland, you have cheese fondue with the liquor that’s in the cheese… kir. Hot kir at that.

No kir here, but I heard that a nice bottle of K.W.V. Chenin Blanc from South Africa goes perfectly with cheese fondue. Available at your local BC Liquor Store, it’s under the name Robert’s Rock Chenin Blanc (K.W.V.’s brand – good thing for superior Google skills).

From the Food Network:

Chenin Blanc Pairing Notes

Description: This Chenin Blanc is very aromatic with floral, grassy, white peach, pear and apple aromas. On the palate it is medium bodied with soft green apple and pear flavours, a touch of sweetness, and refreshing acidity through to the finish.

Why they match: This dish is rich, creamy, and a bit pungent from the stronger Gruyere cheese. The wine has enough sweetness and body to stand up to the strong cheese flavours and rich texture, but it is fruity and crisp enough to contrast and cleanse the palate.

Wine Suggestion: K.W.V. Chenin Blanc (South Africa).


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At $9.49 you can’t go wrong.