FOR TODAY, JUNE 11, 2008:

All that’s related to savings, insurance, and income tax will this time take on more importance than customary. Always think of putting some money aside in anticipation of unexpected but indispensable expenses. Measure out your ambitions according to your possibilities; don’t force anyone or anything. Beware of your present tendency to idealize those whom you meet, to believe too quickly those who say “I love you”. Don’t let yourself be swayed by members of your family who claim important expenses.


Watch out, a person whom you trust will try to put obstacles on your road. Put aside your old habits for a while and go and see new faces. A week that won’t be very favorable to financial or real estate transactions. Crazy and passionate love affairs will be favored. Somewhat shaky health, with some headaches. To achieve your professional goals, it’ll be enough to follow the tracks without deviating; even if you caught the train while rolling, it’ll be essential to continue from now on in the right direction.