Party Pony

Jessica Alba proves that our favorite fuss-free style can look perfectly polished and appropriate for a seasonal bash. “The contrast in textures is what makes this so pretty,” Garrison says. “The pony moves and swings in the back but the front is static.”

Get the Look

Using your fingers, pull the hair away from your face while blow-drying. Make a horizontal part across your head from ear to ear, creating a front and a back section. Pull the back section, including the sides, into a sleek, tight ponytail. Now tease the front section to lift it off the forehead, pull it back gently and wrap it around the elastic to conceal it. Work KMS Flat Out shine serum ($12; beautydepot.com) into the length of your ponytail for added luster.


Get the Look

After blow-drying the hair straight, apply Aveda Flax Seed Aloe spray gel ($13; aveda.com) to give your locks some hold before setting them in rollers (Garrison likes Caruso Molecular Ion hairsetter, $45; folica.com). Then part the hair to the side and tease it slightly at the crown. Taking two equal sections—one at either side of the temple—twist or braid the sections, pull them back, and secure with bobby pins.