A fascinating person will suddenly pop up in your life; however, with the current astral aspects, you should not put too high hopes in him/her for he/she may not suit you perfectly. It’s probable your relationships with your close relatives will be at the center of your preoccupations; if you’re not careful enough, there might be conflicts that will displease you. This time, as often, you’ll bitterly regret some of your past errors; console yourself with the thought that “to err is human, to persevere in error is diabolic” (saint Augustine).

and then it’s announced that there will be no zero-down mortgages, and they’re going to be doing away with the 40 year amortization, and government lenders will be more stringent with credit and 5% down, anything less than 20% will need insurance. *sigh*. you have until mid October 2008.