As Snobby can attest to, Haagen-Dazs ice cream ranks pretty high on my list of worthwhile calories. And I’ve fallen madly in love with their vanilla caramel latte ice cream. Theres something about the coffe icecream with a hint of caramel that does a body good.
I rate it in the same catergory as sticky toffee pudding, tasty as hell but not everyday. As for that old friend that I’ve re-found, its all thanks to Snobby and her rare find in the supermarket…she managed to find me a tub of Baileys ice cream. The folks at Haagen-Dazs must have heard my complains from across the Pacific! At least now people won’t think I’m a complete tard, saying that Bailey ice cream is my favorite…most out here in their igloos haven’t tasted it nor seen this rare specimen. If you’ve never tried it before please, for your fat-cells-sake go out and get some! Its rich, creamy, like scooping frozen Bailey’s, but the ice-cream only contains 4% of the liquer. It’s bloody amazing so much so, that the hunt is on to find more!!