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She lines and fills in her lips with MAC Redd lipliner, topped with Nars Bloodwork gloss. Can’t figure out her blush though!

kim tracy reese redd

  • Beautyblender sponge
  • Nars Multiple Duo – Copacabana/St. Barts (limited) <– I think I have this?
  • Nars Single eyeshadow – Baby Girl (shimmer flakes!)
  • Nars duo eyeshadow – Hula Hula (lots of shimmer flakes!)

She lines and fills in her lips with MAC Redd lipliner, topped with Nars Bloodwork gloss. Can’t figure out her blush though!

kim tracy reese redd

I’m not a huge MAC fan, in fact, I return at least 50% of all my MAC purchases. BUT sometimes they come out with some good stuff, and this is a MUST BUY for me. Lavender Whip lip creme (x1), and a milky pink Ever So Rich cremesheen glass (x2-3). Is this limited edition?

UPDATE March 5: Lavender Whip went really well with my Valentine’s Day all black punk outfit, as well as the birthday full length garden party dress at the Shangri La. Heard on Specktra that this layers well with other browns and pinks!

Find Dr. Zhu at the Cambie and 16th Chinese Herbal Medicine shop. Ask for green bean powder “liu dou fen” which they make themselves. Comes in little packets. Wash face, dry. Add a bit of water to make a paste. Put on face or use to exfoliate. Said to whiten foremost, then gets rid of blackheads. Will try tonight.

Ever since I could remember, whenever I got dark in the sun, I always turned greyish… like a dark ashy colour. Not a golden rich tan, but grey. Last year I spent time whole summer in a tanning booth, in a solar coffin twice a week paying $40/month. Plus the ultra expensive tanning lotions with technology blahblahblah that cost $50 each.

This year and armed with cheapy tanning lotion for less than $10 and not a shred of dignity, I went to Wreck Beach. And guess what? I TANNED!!! and spending the the better half of the day there ogling way too many peens got me a dark roasty tan pretty much for free!!!

Must have products:

  1. Banana Boat Dark Tanning Lotion Continuous Spray SPF – Just remember to press down hard and this will spray a light mist. If you don’t spread it or rub it in, the tan will be dark and rich, hence the difference between my back (dark!) and legs (white!). Cheap at $7.99. Smells fab. Better than those $50 cellulite busting technological lotions – I mean, you would have to use the lotion a lot to prevent cellulite. And always stick with the spray for those hard to reach places.
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart – Life Brand After Sun Spray. Cheap and it works.
  3. Roc Minesol Protect SPF 45 Multi-Position Atomizer – I think using this on my face is breaking me out, but I will use this for arms and neck. Aerosol spray for no mess. I also find that with creams, if you don’t exfoliate very well and apply, you will end up with balls of grey dead skin stuck on your back. Sprays are the way to go.
  4. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 PA+++ – I think they only sell the spf 50 in Canada, but the higher the better, especially on your face, or else with sunglasses you’ll end up with reverse panda eyes. Lotion, not cream. This has never broken me out.
  5. Water atomizer – Evian, Uriage, Avene, Vichy – whatever suits your fancy.
  6. Bring: large sunglasses (to people watch), white towel (to cover face), cooler tote, beach umbrella (or rent), body towel to clean, beach towel (no plastic mats – they heat up), music, book, and cheapie bikinis from the Target clearance rack….

How to Get Tinsley Mortimer’s Face in Just Fifteen Steps

Pink!Photo: Getty Images

You’ve probably always wondered, What do I have to do to make my face look just like Tinsley Mortimer’s? Well, friends, this morning we bring you answers. Yesterday at Saks we learned it just takes 41 minutes, fourteen products, and fifteen steps to achieve her effortless nighttime look. Tinz herself was at the store shilling her brand-new Dior lip gloss, Tinsley Pink, proceeds from which benefit Operation Smile. We couldn’t wait to learn how to get as pinked out as Tinz in the two-hour master class on the fifteen steps, but apparently there’s more to Tinz than pink. Like yellow. “I love pink. I had a pink bedroom growing up, so it’s kinda stuck in my head. But I do wear other colors,” she told us. “Now I’m into yellow. Yellow is the new pink. Well, at least for now.” Befuddled, we turned to her sister, Dabney Mercer. “We’re into yellow now, sure, but Tinsley will always wear pink,” she said. Whew!Enough about color — we’re here for the face paint! Tinsley’s makeup artist, Ricky Wilson, said New York girls wear too much eyeliner and they should try playing with shadow, like — you guessed it! — Tinsley. ” She likes a stronger eye, but something that’s also soft and smudged. She likes exaggerated eyeliner and loves tons and tons of lashes.” Tinsley’s a veritable fountain of youth now, but is she afraid of aging? “I’m not afraid of it. It’s something that happens,” she said. Is Botox in her future? No! “I’d never do it,” she added. But maybe it is! “Who knows? I’m not there yet.”

At last it was time for us to get Tinsley’s fifteen-step, fourteen-product look. The results and a step-by-step illustrated guide after the jump.

Tinsley, the writer, and a makeup map. Spot on, no?Photo: Getty Images, Jed Egan

Fifteen Steps to Look Like Tinsley: 1. Apply Capture Totale serum to firm the skin.

2. Apply less than a teaspoon of Capture Totale moisturizer. It also firms the skin.

3. Apply a pearl-size dollop of Capture Totale eye cream right underneath the eyes.

4. Now it’s time to spray on that all-important foundation. Tinsley uses Airflash, which is fun to apply because it sprays. Smooth with a brush, blend to the neck. You risk disaster if you don’t properly blend.

5. Prime lids for eye shadow with a cream shadow base. This locks in shadow, and also ensures shadow pigments appear the same color as they do in the palette.

6. Apply the five-color eye-shadow palette #609, which contains pink, two browns, gold, and cream. Brush the pink below the crease of the eye, then highlight all over with gold. Add light brown in the creases and corners.

7. Apply pencil eyeliner #99 at the top and bottom lash line. Make sure you connect corners from top to bottom lash lines.

8. Return to the palette from step six. Apply the dark-brown shadow over the liner. This seals in the liner and helps it last longer.

9. Now add Skinflash concealer under the eyes. Yes, we’re still on eyes, people! It’s a twist-up container like ChapStick, so simply draw a line under the eyes with the brush and then blend with your finger or a brush.

10. Then apply DiorShow mascara — the No. 1 selling mascara by Dior. Tinsley said she uses so many bottles of this a year, it’s “shocking.”

11. Next, apply a second mascara, Dior Blackout. Yes, brush this over the DiorShow. Tinsley always doubles up on mascara. It makes a big difference.

12. Now dust on shimmer powder in #002 for a bronze glow. Sweep a brush over the entire powder palette (a six-shade combo) and highlight the cheekbone.

13. Apply blush in #639 just as you did the shimmer-powder bronzer to the apples of your cheeks.

14. For brunettes only: Draw on lip liner #433. Blondes: Skip to step fifteen.

15. It’s time for Tinsley Pink! The bright-pink color goes on sheer, with a touch of tint and shimmer with microscopic sparkles. Brush on and blot.

16. Glow like Tinsley! (This step is our addition.)

Total makeup products used:
Total mentions of pink: Four
Total time invested: Two hours
Verdict: The look is not as pink as expected, which we like, but the foundation looks and feels heavy. But at last our mission to look just like Tinz has been accomplished. And in under three hours!

The only thing I’m taking away from this is the bolded part about mascara. And no… this does NOT take 2 hours! The hair on the other hand, is a different story.

I’ve never really blogged about what I use, though thanks for the lemmings enablers: Makeupalley, BlogdorfGoodman and Beauty Addict and many more, I have in the last year tripled my makeup and beauty arsenal to all the space under the sink, around the sink and countertops, around the tub, in 4 pro makeup cases and a chest of drawers. Also much thanks to Shoppers Drug Mart’s Beauty Boutique and 20x the points days.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve never blogged or spoke about beauty regimens. That’s because mine has been inconsistent for the last few years. For skincare, I was taught to follow a line religiously, as products in a program are designed to work together, and as for makeup to just experiment. I have strayed from the line and back, from high end to drugstore, and as I tend to get older, I’ve become more conscious of what I’m using and what’s good for me. The basic routine stays the same: makeoff, wash, tone, moisturize, eye, sunscreen and the occasional serum. I never leave the house without sunscreen these days, and if I do then I am paranoid about sun exposure the rest of the day. As I get older, it goes the same for eye creams. I’ve also started to use more plant based/ natural lines, but am sometimes conflicted as the older I get, the stronger the product and more drastic the measures should be?

Anyway, what inspired me to blog about skincare today was how I haven’t experienced any major breakouts in the last few months (knock on wood). Even when I spent time in hot, humid and very polluted Taipei did I break out even once!!!!! That deserves a blog and much more.

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