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LOVE for Dinner:

  • Jasmine Lemonade
  • Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna w/Citrus-Sriracha Emulsion
  • Roasted Beets and Okanagan Goat Cheese w/Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Foie Gras Brule w/Dried Sour Cherries and White Port Gelee
  • Sablefish w/Nut and Seed Crust in Sweet and Sour Broth

Or go for the Market Menu for tasters of all the above (except the lemonade, which is to die for!). Lunch specials at the Market as well, or the 50 minutes $20 power lunch downstairs in the Lobby Lounge, which has more hearty food. Business casual.

Market by Jean Georges
Level 3
(1 604) 695 1115


Went to Cafe Medina on the weekend with Grouchy. Loved the Liege waffles and fig-orange compote. Grouchy purred over the blueberry compote. Sadly, their chef makes it and it’s not for sale. =(

Heard that compote goes well with gorgonzola cheese. Or on a baguette. Must try it.

Another good place for Liege waffles is Patisserie LeBeau (1708 West 2nd Avenue in between Fir & Pine). They are good enough to come out with their line of frozen waffles available at Capers. Delicious!

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The Container Store in Bellevue, Washington.

Want specifically laundry stuff:

Everyone in Vancouver raves about the Japadog. But then, I’d have to travel to the downtown core to get it. That shouldn’t stop me because I go to Seattle for soup, bread, coffee and cheese.

Will try the Japadog. Years ago tried to go a gourmet ‘dog place and ended up at a place on Denman. Had a salmon dog. Ugh. Salmon burgers are delicious though… best patties are from Costco.. the Pacific Wild Salmon ones. Maybe ‘dogs are better dressed down.

Best dogs:

  • UBC Sub – hotdog place across from the arcade. I heard there have been developments so I don’t know if it’s still there. The Cheese Dog – it’s simple, really.. hot dog topped with shredded cheddar (or a mix?) and then steamed. Paired with a coke.I loved it so much that I still made trips there after grad to eat. At night though and on the weekends to avoid crowds. I feel so old.
  • Outside Future Shop on West Broadway (at Burrard) – there is a cart there. Jumbo cheese dog topped with grilled onions. Vendor recommended chipotle mayo on top. Lots of gourmet condiments aside from the traditional ketchup/mustard/relish. I’ve learned to always ask for recommendations from the vendor.

I had a craving for the ruben/reuben yesterday. Had it on the way back from Seattle, thought about it while writing the blog, was still thinking about it when I had a lack of lunch yesterday. Google searched and found that delis are lacking in Vancouver. What happened to that sandwich store that was so abundant about 10 years ago? It was green with children from the Sound of Music. Anyway…

Found it.
Pricey, but near my house.
From a Jewish deli?
Sure. Why not?

Next search… hot dogs….

When to Robustos in Steveston today. Looking for a recommendation as that nasty Cohiba was still stuck in my throat when I woke up this morning. Introed to: Carlos Torano Cigars Reserva Decadencia. A bit hard to fine online, but worth it. Touted as a dessert cigar, Toraño Cigars and Wilson Creek Winery have combined their expertise to create a product that pairs one of each of their award-winning products. The cigar is blended with just a hint of the port wine, which in turn receives ‘just a pinch’ of natural chocolate, to enhance the wine’s innate chocolate undertones.

Great as a beginner cigar, extremely smooth, creamy and sweet. Definitely worth the buy.

$36 (?) for a Churchill, $34 for a Robusto – 30 minutes difference in burn time. $150 for box of 20 Churchills online.

Robusto – Premium Cigars & Coffee #160-13020 No. 2 Road, Richmond. 604-448-5485

On Granville is having 20%-70% off all merchandise and closing its doors at the end of June. June 15th welcomes its online store

Faves are the Esteban fragrances (home and body), and Lothantique brand Grapefruit shea hand lotion. Also worthy is Amelie et Melanie Matin Precieux Eau de Toilette.

Online store with feature the much anticipated Esteban’s Andalouse – grapefruit and star anise.

  • 2 slices of Halloumi sliced (optional) if none available I’ld use a goat cheese of sorts or feta
  • handful of cherry tomatoes or small ones would do
  • chickpeas tin or dried
  • red onion
  • mint
  • cilantro
  • red wine vinegar
  • olive oil
  • juice and zest of a lemon
  • salt and pepper to taste


1. Sliced onions, mint, cilantro into bowl.  Add vinegar and olive oil along with salt and pepper, toss together.

2. Tomatoes could go into oven to get roasted or thrown into salad fresh.

3. Drain chickpeas out of can or if being boiled cook and then cool.

4. Halloumi is grilled till golden brown placed on top of mint mixture.

5. Lastly, zest and juice of a lemon-personal perference.

Grouchy’s verdict: not half bad. It was a twist from a salad I had a few weeks ago while roaming around Seattle.  Need to another leaf to the salad…too much cilantro taste for me. Change it up with some spinach or watercress.

Re-found love! Haven’t been spending much time on the net recently. But came across this foodie blog couldn’t remember if we had it listed on here. I would kill to just eat my way around the world. That would be the perfect job, eating and blogging, however, I fear I’m lacking in the english writting skills department!

2006 census results delayed
Last Updated: Monday, February 12, 2007 | 11:00 PM ET
CBC News

Statistics Canada has postponed the release of its population census results by one month after facing a number of problems during the data collection.

The government, which conducts a census once every five years to paint a statistical picture of the country and its citizens, was supposed to release the results of its May 2006 census on Tuesday. But it now won’t publish the information until March 13.

One issue Statistics Canada encountered was finding enough enumerators to work when other industry jobs paid more.

Jerry Page, director of Statistics Canada’s Prairie regional office, said his unit, which was responsible for the census collection in Western Canada, had a hard time recruiting staff.

His census budget ballooned to $46 million from $30 million after the booming economy made it difficult to hire people to collect forms for $12 an hour.

“We were significantly over budget,” he said.

The government faced other challenges, too. Only 18 per cent of Canadians completed the census online with the remainder sending the answers in the mail. The postal service was so slow that many people were asked to fill out a second form when the first ones didn’t arrive.

E-mails obtained by CBC News under an Access to Information request showed the anger felt by Statistics Canada employees. “We are on the verge of creating a major public relations backlash,” one e-mail stated.

Other messages complained about unpaid staff. “This is getting out of hand,” while another one said, “Bottom line: the pay system is a dog.”

Sharon Newton, an enumerator in Chilliwack, B.C., said she didn’t get paid for five months and that her managers became so desperate to finish the census that they told her to just count heads and forget the names.

“At the end, they just said, ‘We really don’t care. As long as you can find out if there [are] three people that live in that house, put down Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck on it. We don’t care about a name.'”

Statistics Canada said it’s not about the names, but the numbers. And its numbers are accurate, it said, adding that it got 97 per cent of the census forms back from Canadians. The final count is expected to show there are about 32.5 million Canadians.