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Yes, the techie granted me a Blackberry Curve (that I don’t really need because my old one worked but it was unattractive) today! After too much stalking, bothering, whining….

Changed from Rogers to Bell, and the csa gave me the $150 device for only $50!

Now it’s time to bling it:


Friend seriously, phone is going down the shitter day by day. Its either get new charger or battery or just buy a phone? Technically, I could just switch back to the old sony ericsson. But me, being me wants a new purdy toy to play with….! Even though getting a new charger is probably the cheapest option at this point of time based on the lack of a job! How I miss those days with the tyrannt. Hell, I should start the Help me buy a new phone fund!

My list:

1. Sony Ericsson K790
2. M600i

booooo friend i give up! add more to list sooon…..

friend….you know how some friends gets the bling? I want the purdy sound system instead!!!!!!!

check it out, missile launcher from the comfit of your own pc! Think about how much chaos we could inflict at the workplace. All we’ld is to load the software, get some batteries and press fire!

creative zen FRIEND!!! freaking 60GB! you know how much crap we could be putting on there. plus, lookit its the
FM transmitter that I’ve been looking for!! Now if i gots that along with remote! I’ld be set for us to go gallivanting.