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I’m always on the lookout in Vancouver for gourmet food stores. I will go up and down the aisle and take a mental, written or pictoral note of ingredients/products I find interesting in case I need to use it in the future.

On my way to Quince as in my last post, I passed Mad About Food – didn’t go in, but the website looks interesting.

Also found online:


Walked into Quince today looking for something to drink. Found that they carry Vilux vinegars from France. Comes in passionfruit, fig, blueberry… must buy and try.

Founded over a century ago, Vilux d a new standard for high-quality French vinegars by setting the acidity 1% lower than traditional vinegars and focusing on flavors like raspberry and pear, and using only natural ingredients. Imported into Canada since the 1950’s, Vilux vinegars are prized by chefs for their superior taste and quality. Today, Vilux has expanded its product range to include special spices, fine flavored oils, and a delectable line of Dijon mustards.