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LOVE for Dinner:

  • Jasmine Lemonade
  • Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna w/Citrus-Sriracha Emulsion
  • Roasted Beets and Okanagan Goat Cheese w/Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Foie Gras Brule w/Dried Sour Cherries and White Port Gelee
  • Sablefish w/Nut and Seed Crust in Sweet and Sour Broth

Or go for the Market Menu for tasters of all the above (except the lemonade, which is to die for!). Lunch specials at the Market as well, or the 50 minutes $20 power lunch downstairs in the Lobby Lounge, which has more hearty food. Business casual.

Market by Jean Georges
Level 3
(1 604) 695 1115


Yes, you read it correctly. Orgasmic cheese… not organic.

Went to the Alibi Room last night and had the cheese platter. There was this nondescript semi soft cheese paired with a pile of roasted organic hazelnuts. I spread, took a bite, popped a hazelnut and 3 seconds later it was a nutty orgasm in my mouth. I have NEVER had such a reaction to any cheese before, and it beats out my current fave Beecher’s Flagship by miles.

The Tomme Gros Ille (Quebec) can be found at Mount Pleasant Cheese (new place, May 08) that specializes in Canadian Cheese.

Mount Pleasant Cheese
3432 Cambie Street (near the Park Theatre at West 18th Avenue)
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8
Tues-Sun: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

aka TOMME DE GROSSE ISLE: – an organic mild semi soft texture cheese. I knew the french was off on that one. Thank you first year french.

Afternoons at Jules Bistro:

what: the Apres Midi Parisien

when: 230-530pm, Monday-Saturday

where: 216 Abbott Street

menu: limited, but French – chilled rose, champagne, croque monsieur with frites or salad, assiette de fromage (cheese plate), terrine de campagne (country terrine), chocolate terrine etc.

Went to Cafe Medina on the weekend with Grouchy. Loved the Liege waffles and fig-orange compote. Grouchy purred over the blueberry compote. Sadly, their chef makes it and it’s not for sale. =(

Heard that compote goes well with gorgonzola cheese. Or on a baguette. Must try it.

Another good place for Liege waffles is Patisserie LeBeau (1708 West 2nd Avenue in between Fir & Pine). They are good enough to come out with their line of frozen waffles available at Capers. Delicious!

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Everyone in Vancouver raves about the Japadog. But then, I’d have to travel to the downtown core to get it. That shouldn’t stop me because I go to Seattle for soup, bread, coffee and cheese.

Will try the Japadog. Years ago tried to go a gourmet ‘dog place and ended up at a place on Denman. Had a salmon dog. Ugh. Salmon burgers are delicious though… best patties are from Costco.. the Pacific Wild Salmon ones. Maybe ‘dogs are better dressed down.

Best dogs:

  • UBC Sub – hotdog place across from the arcade. I heard there have been developments so I don’t know if it’s still there. The Cheese Dog – it’s simple, really.. hot dog topped with shredded cheddar (or a mix?) and then steamed. Paired with a coke.I loved it so much that I still made trips there after grad to eat. At night though and on the weekends to avoid crowds. I feel so old.
  • Outside Future Shop on West Broadway (at Burrard) – there is a cart there. Jumbo cheese dog topped with grilled onions. Vendor recommended chipotle mayo on top. Lots of gourmet condiments aside from the traditional ketchup/mustard/relish. I’ve learned to always ask for recommendations from the vendor.

I had a craving for the ruben/reuben yesterday. Had it on the way back from Seattle, thought about it while writing the blog, was still thinking about it when I had a lack of lunch yesterday. Google searched and found that delis are lacking in Vancouver. What happened to that sandwich store that was so abundant about 10 years ago? It was green with children from the Sound of Music. Anyway…

Found it.
Pricey, but near my house.
From a Jewish deli?
Sure. Why not?

Next search… hot dogs….

Local food blog:

  1. French hot chocolate – thick, creamy (even without the side of whipped cream), spicy, aromatic, smooth… served in a demi-tasse. Only at Sweet & Savoury in pleasant Mount Baker area. Hours are limited, so call and check. Perfect day was when Friiend and I had hot chocolate on the street on the wrought iron table/chairs (how very Parisian cafe!) with the Blue Angels flying overhead. Thanks to Seattle Bon Vivant for the recommendation. If I were to have a summer home in Seattle to relax and blog, I would rent to space above the cafe. Up Jackson in Chinatown, turn right on 31st. That’s how you get there before 2pm, and not on Mondays.
  2. Nordstrom– ‘enuff said. Also Nordstrom Rack.
  3. Barneys New York – for Revive products, Balenciaga bags, Serge Lutens perfume and good deals.
  4. Ivar’s – salmon chowder (also at Bellis Fair)
  5. Uwajimaya – Extensive collection of Bee House teapots from Japan, Asian Pear wine, beauty products, and the bookstore!!! (Chinese, japanese, english – asian american literature, asian songbooks, japanese magazines, art books, stationary!)
  6. Chinatown/International District – all those Vietnamese grocery stores. Fresh pandan leaves, Vietnamese french bread, coffee etc.
  7. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – Eat cheese and watch them make it at the same time. Notables are the mac and cheese, and the must buy is their signature cheese. I will never go back to french cheese again! Definitely will appeal to all palates.
  8. Metropolitan Market – our must go. Open 24 hours, best locations are Queen Anne and Mercer. Coffees: Queen Anne blend (smooth and creamy) and Breakfast Blend. I stopped drinking Starbucks after a taste of this. Pear tart, breads, Broccoli and Cheese soup and Tomato Basil soup in bulk. Remember the butter next time. Waiting for local strawberry season (juicy and sweet!) – nothing like those crispy tasteless monsters we have here. Newly discovered the Ruben/Reuben sandwich.
  9. Kahili Coffee – Kona coffee in Kirkland?
  10. Dick’s Drive-In – $1.90 for a strawberry milkshake. Half the size of a McDonalds, but can’t beat quality. At least you can suck this one up. 24 hours.
  11. Le Panier – the very French bakery in Pike Place. Always crowded. Perfect for breakfast pastries. Cafe Umbria coffee. Smells heavenly.

… definitely more to come…

Entre Nous 206-905-1633
216 Stewart Street, Seattle Downtown
This is the kind of place you love to stumble upon–a tiny storefront in the middle of the block. Who knew? Sit in the front window while you enjoy duck a la Provencal or three-onion soup. Stop by for lunch and enjoy a Brie sandwich. Try tapas like Parma-wrapped asparagus or classic cheese fondue.
Specializing in French, Tapas, Fondue.

Melting Pot 425-646-2744
302 108th Ave NE, Bellevue Bellevue
This comfortable and pretty place is the third Melting Pot in the Northwest (Seattle and Tacoma). Go for the whole deal (cheese fondue, salad, entrĂ©e fondue, dessert fondue) at your own peril–it’s a lot of food. Better yet, you can mix and match to make your perfect dinner. Full bar.
Specializing in Fondue.

Melting Pot 206-378-1208
14 Mercer St, Seattle Queen Anne (Lower)
It’s always fun to cook and dip and attempt to keep cheese on a piece or bread or apple slice. Fondues range from cheese to oil to chocolate. Try one or all. Add a salad and some wine. If you try them all and find you just can’t manage dessert after all, they will let you come back another time to finish up. It works well if you want to stop in for a late night dessert bar side some night.
Specializing in Fondue

Nu – 1661 Granville. 604-646-4668 – jazz brunch! –

Tomato Fresh Food Cafe – 2486 Bayswater Street. 604-874-6020 –

Provence Marinaside- 1177 Marinaside Cres., Yaletown, 604-681-4144.

PATISSERIE LEBEAU -1728 W. Second Ave., Kitsilano, 604-731-3528

Medina Cafe – liege waffles and 49th Parallel coffee. Chambar owners.