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The Twilight Saga

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series with my fave boy Robert Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. New book/series to get into: BREAKING DAWN last book of the Twlight series.


The Dark Knight
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Bond 22
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Angels and Demons
Star Trek XI
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Get Smart
Speed Racer
The Forbidden Kingdom
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Prince Caspian
Kung Fu Panda
The Other Boleyn Girl

THE HOST! March 30th, 2007. Korean, horror… crazy!!

Cineplex Canada link

Yahoo movies: synopsis and reviews

  • Breach – Wished there were more guns and explosions. Sex between 2 old ppl doesn’t count as ‘action/thriller’
  • Grey Matters
  • Ghost Rider – (my fave critique of ghost rider: “For years scientists have theorized that one day Nicolas Cage would overact so badly that his head would burst into flames. Now, with “Ghost Rider,” the phenomenon has finally come to pass.”)
  • 300 – Frank Miller (of Sin City) directed movie about Sparta. If you know history, then you’d know that the Spartans were violent as well as kinky. We must see for the fantastic visuals.

Curse of the Golden Flower: Starring Chow Yun Fat, Gong Li (love!), and Jay Chou (can’t act).

Overall impression?

1) Holy boobage Batman!  I never knew the Chinese have such ample assets (for being Chinese, of course). Very impressed and proud. Movie also known as: Curse of the Golden Corset.


Gong Li is as usual… absolute perfection.

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the namesake posterTHE NAMESAKE

Based on the book by Jhumpa Lahiri. One of the most anticipated books of the year, Lahiri’s first novel (after 1999’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Interpreter of Maladies) amounts to less than the sum of its parts. Hopscotching across 25 years, it begins when newlyweds Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli emigrate to Cambridge, Mass., in 1968, where Ashima immediately gives birth to a son, Gogol-a pet name that becomes permanent when his formal name, traditionally bestowed by the maternal grandmother, is posted in a letter from India, but lost in transit. Ashoke becomes a professor of engineering, but Ashima has a harder time assimilating, unwilling to give up her ties to India. A leap ahead to the ’80s finds the teenage Gogol ashamed of his Indian heritage and his unusual name, which he sheds as he moves on to college at Yale and graduate school at Columbia, legally changing it to Nikhil. In one of the most telling chapters, Gogol moves into the home of a family of wealthy Manhattan WASPs and is initiated into a lifestyle idealized in Ralph Lauren ads. Here, Lahiri demonstrates her considerable powers of perception and her ability to convey the discomfort of feeling “other” in a world many would aspire to inhabit. After the death of Gogol’s father interrupts this interlude, Lahiri again jumps ahead a year, quickly moving Gogol into marriage, divorce and a role as a dutiful if a bit guilt-stricken son. This small summary demonstrates what is most flawed about the novel: jarring pacing that leaves too many emotional voids between chapters. Lahiri offers a number of beautiful and moving tableaus, but these fail to coalesce into something more than a modest family saga. By any other writer, this would be hailed as a promising debut, but it fails to clear the exceedingly high bar set by her previous work. (from Publishers Weekly on

Movie directed by Mira Nair, starring Kal Penn. To be released March 9, 2007.

The Namesake blog


Official Trailer

The trailer moved me… a must for those from immigrant families and had struggles with their cultural identities. Currently reading the book.

Only this can premiere at Sundance.

Exerpt:  “Zoo,” premiering before a rapt audience Saturday night at Sundance, manages to be a poetic film about a forbidden subject, a perfect marriage between a cool and contemplative director (the little-seen “Police Beat”) and potentially incendiary subject matter: sex between men and animals. Not graphic in the least, this strange and strangely beautiful film combines audio interviews (two of the three men involved did not want to appear on camera) with elegiac visual re-creations intended to conjure up the mood and spirit of situations.

Dija know that Tupac is soon releasing another CD? Did I miss something or has he been dead for years, and yet manages somehow to create music from the grave!!? Don’t see Left-Eye dropping anything for TLC from the grave….maybe she needs a new agent? 😛

1. The Queen (now playing) Death of Princess Diana and the days afterwards. (how much is true!)
2. The Santa Clause 3 edited by Snobby: hell no! Though I did by stock in it….
3. A Good Year (2.5 hours of Russell Crowe could drive some of us crazzzy!)
4. F*ck (might be simliar to the dirty joke movie which although had funny parts didn’t live up to expectations)
5. Opal Dreams (little ms. sunshine theme?)
6. 3 Needles (how aids is dealt with..)
7. Breaking and Entering

1. The Good Shepherd (12/22/2006) history of CIA. Matt Damon, Mrs. Pitt.
2. Casino Royale (11/17/2006) no description needed!!!
3. Babel (11/10/2006) married couple who experience a tragedy while on vacation sets chains of events off. Brad Pitt
4. Death of a President (10/27/2006) fictional assassination of President Bush and what would ensue in its aftermath. (better or worse..i wonder)
5. Conversations with Other Women (08/11/2006) divorced couple who run into each other at a wedding many years late. (run and hide!)
6. Fast Food Nation (11/17/2006) should read book first
7. Bobby (11/22/2006) assassination of Robert Kennedy.
8. Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (11/24/2006) what happens to a group of Turks who encountered American soldiers in Northern Iraq.

9. Running With Scissors (now playing). Pre-read optional.

10. Stranger Than Fiction (11/10/2006) man finds out his life is written by an author, a woman with a Brit accent and better vocabulary.