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Highlights: FOOD!, Wu Bai concert on Saturday August 30th (in Seattle – =(, and FOOD!

August 30-September 1
Plaza of Nations
750 Pacific Blvd.

Friiend – we go on Sunday? or the Monday?

Note to self: Learn Wu Bai’s “Flower Dance”


Has got me on a leopard print hunt. Heels, hoodie and chiffon top? Check. Need cardigan and dress. I love the Wondergirls!

So Hot MV w/English Subtitles

My fave Suju member Heechul doing his So Hot dance at theDream Concert:

Heechul and group (plus 2 members of current SuJuM) doing Tell Me dance:

And the pic that started it all:

Conerts and events that we saw last year:

The SPICE GIRLS! (Life will never be the same again after seeing them girls in action…plus the added glimpse of Becks made it 10x better!)

BECKS in Vancouver (loved every second of it. Now i just need to see him play for England and I’m set)

Concerts to look forward to this year:

M-A-D-O-N-N-A!!!!!! (‘nugh said)-only 4 more days before we see the Material Girl live in Concert!!!

Janet Jackson (ms janet doing her thang opening night)

Mariah Carey (New album+new hubby= TOUR!)

NKOTB ( they might be pushing 40 but they still have the Right Stuff!)

Candi Staton “You Got The Love”

The song from that blasted Ferro Rocher commerical is, Randy Crawford-Give me the night (chill night remix). At least that’s the closest version to the song that I could find. And the song from Ford’s Fusion commerical the stylish one with the couple in it is….Metro Area-Atmosphirue! Nintendo’s Wii tune for their commericals is Kodo (Inside the Sun remix) by Yoshida Brothers.

Kate Havnevik-New Day

Grouchy… we will TRAVEL too see these concerts if they ever happen. However, Seattle or Portland is the farthest I’d be willing to go!

  • Britney Spears (the Comeback!)
  • Spice Girls (Reunion, if they ever get back together)
  • Justin Timberlake
  • N*SYNC (not likely to get back together – see above entry)
  • Janet Jackson
  • Mariah Carey (yes I still regret missing out the first time)
  • Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to know all the songs (well for the above, I think we already do)… a campy selection, isn’t it? There will definitely be dancing in the aisles! Add more!