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I was so obsessed with letter writing that I used to seal my letters with wax and my personalized seal. Unfortunately, they crack when travelling through the mail, but I found these cute personalized stickers from Papyrus to seal my envelopes with! You can even customize to seal wedding invites!


Ultrasound fat melting technology

I’m thinking… Mother’s Day present?

Available at Skinworks in Kerrisdale, and Pacific Dermasthetics.

Jason Wu… but definitely as a wedding dress this would be more fancy.


With the wedding dress finalized, now it’s time to find a husband to match it!

Silkscreen ties from

Dinosaur ties, just for fun… can’t see it anyway…. would be quite befitting if I married my ex. He always did a great t-rex impression, short arms and all.

Maybe this one sits too low… boys usually have their ties tucked in

Will be wearing grecian inspired knee length gowns like this:

At Hycroft Manor – 2 hour photo session $250. Pricey but beautiful. Everyone does Yaletown these days! And the beach, though for most of the year it’s grey and wet. in order to have your wedding at Hycroft, you need to be a member of the University Women’s Club for one year. The rental fee is approximately $4,500 which lets you have the house for 8 hours. You also have to use their caterer.

Hitomi Gilliam

eva green