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Suddenly fun, popularity, bright optimism, new plans and a round of entertainment replace old pressures and cares! New friendships are significant – and will last decades. They bring insights and adventures – and possible career advances. You’ll travel internationally, head to school, or delve into new philosophies. Culture and knowledge grow deeply important. Your soul breathes: charity, spiritual pursuits and meditation bring blessings.

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The love scene in ’08 swells with portent and change. Ground rules shift. Black becomes the sexiest color. Ballrooms and tuxedos return. Courtship will grow more restrained and formal, intimacy more binding. Pluto, the planet of sexual desire, and Jupiter, love’s lucky friend, spend this time in Capricorn, so amour will run in practical channels. Ambition, loyalty, skepticism and protectiveness will win hearts. Young couples will wax serious about the future. Many amorous conversations will include words like “mortgage” and “career.” On the dark side, we should guard against love situations that smack of relentless ambition, scheming and greed, exploitation, and sexual dominance.

Earth and water signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – can find deep, life-altering love this year – in some instances The Love of their life! But there’s no rush – true love can enter anytime in the next two decades.

Others – the fire and water signs – should seek love’s delights, but be satisfied with less than permanent bonds in ’08. Sagittarius and Aquarius would be wise to delay wedding plans until late 2009, while Leo and Gemini can benefit from deep commitment (not necessarily to each other). These four – as well as Aries and Libra – start 2008 with romantic prospects ranging from friendly to fiery! All are primed for spring and autumn affairs.
One caution: this love guide is based on your Sun sign. If you know your Moon and Rising signs, read those too. Remember, Goddess Love can strike anytime, anywhere, no matter what your sign!

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PISCES, your new LUCK CYCLE began December 18 2007 and runs to January 4, 2009. You face one of the luckiest scenarios of any sign these 13 months. Wishes will come true, especially those involving your career and ambitions, your status in the community, and parenting roles – all the themes you’ve worked so hard at over the last decade. But further “power actions” in these spheres won’t yield much, at least not in 2008 and ’09. So your luck is a bit conditional – it encourages you to be in – or demands – relationships. Lonely striving after an ambitious goal won’t work anymore. In 2008 relationships contain opportunity, the seed of life-long happiness, and the road to wishes coming true, to your future. Yet they won’t be easy: others will demand a certain level of respect, loyalty and level-headedness. You might say, “I love you!” and they might say, “Prove it.” Read the rest of this entry »

Mars and Saturn continue to move through your opposite sign, Virgo, and you may feel certain tensions that bring on stress and worry if you allow them to. You could feel the urge to get things together, and now is the time to do so. Stay focused, as the energies are intense and mishaps could ensue, especially on August 6.

The solar eclipse that occurs on August 1 in your sign heralds important changes and activities taking place throughout the month. Those born close to August 9 will experience some form of important karmas that have come up or materialized. Positive or negative, big changes are in the air.


June 16 through 18 are intensely demanding and trying days—not so much negative, but you will be called upon, and you will respond in your generally compassionate way. The trick of the times is in not becoming too embroiled in the petty politics of others.


Mars continues his visit through your sign, bringing big energy, intense drama, and action. Mars makes an opposition with Neptune over the next few days, and you must use caution in all that you do. Drugs and other toxins should be handled carefully; also, watch what you eat. June 15 brings it all into focus.

PISCES:The first-quarter square of the moon on June 10 tells of a time when life may be a tad stressful, as you strive to figure the best way to handle all that has landed in your lap.


LEO: The moon passes through your sign from June 6 to 8, with special emphasis on June 7. Make this your day, as it is one on which many great events may take place. Love, adventure, and excitement are on the menu.

OOHHH…. LOVE friiend….

PISCES: A powerful transformative process is under way as you continue to shape and mould yourself in accordance with how the universal plan is unfolding. Your work is in staying in the present and allowing yourself the pleasure of letting life’s path present itself to you—and it will. Family plans and such will keep you busy throughout the month.

LEO: Fiery Mars and his lady, Venus, are once again up to their cyclic dance through time, bringing love, excitement, and success. Your solar house of friendship and group connections is lit up, as is your own sign, and this is your time to shine. Truth, honour, pride, and glory come your way.

The last-quarter square of the moon occurs in your sign on May 27. Along with the rest of the planetary aspects going on, it may prove to be quite a hectic time. You will have to ride it out and see what it was all about from May 22 to 28.

Strange, strained, and trying times come up on May 25 and 26. Excitement, hilarity, and downright outrageous times may be had, which suits Leo just fine. If you thrive on drama, these are the days to get your fill. Acts of bravery and boldness surprise you and others.


This may be a bittersweet time, with love and success on the one hand and tension, worry, and stress on the other. It’s time to revolutionize yourself just a bit, day by day. It’s all good, and by God’s grace we are able to alleviate our karmic indebtedness, resulting in true freedom.


May 17 through 19 could prove to be testy days, and you will have to be on your best behaviour to come through them unscathed. The full moon on May 19 packs a powerful wallop. Just to spice things up, confusion could reign. May 20 is the best day, as a positive shift occurs.

Some sort of worry or concern comes up on May 12 and 13, and understandably you may be feeling sensitive about things. The sun, Jupiter, and Uranus run in harmony, bringing very good energy into your sign on May 11; this may override any petty annoyances. Innovative ideas come flying through.

– petty annoyances = ppl who invite themselves to something you’re organizing, or someone who invites others to your party without asking you first.

The moon enters Leo and promptly runs into Mars early on May 10, followed by the first-quarter square of the moon on May 11. This tells of an intense time when explosive scenarios could manifest in the blink of an eye. Emotions are heightened, and your intuition could be working overtime. You may feel strong, confident, and ready to do battle

– Momma’s Day = May 11 = explosive?